Nov 7, 2011

the beginning of OUR JOURNEY

in the name of ALLAH's~
"if this fate is being written for me, then i should just accept it by all my heart." ~nora afieza aziz

there's a lotlot thing nak share, within this couple of months since jadi MT of course there's lot thing happened enn. so first we went back mase pelantikan 22 ogos aritu ;

the pelantikan of course very-da-conflict u can imagined. after all, pentadbir yang decided hundredpercently. agak touched adam tak jadi. of coursela, die kan pengawas lama. me too rase nak gugur jantung ni bile dapat taw jadi headgirl, kinda kiled me u know and until now the sense of incompetence was still thick in me, 
ive no right to question it, its all have been written. so, just do our best for our so-loved-scholl aite? XD

introducing you, the new majlis tertinggi of 11/12 integomb :)






the 10/11's majlis tertinggi,

after all, my life would change. its for better. mungkin ALLAH dah tentukan. semua yg berlaku ada hikmahnye, theres no way for no reasons. HE knows whats the best for happiness.remember, quality is never an accident! F I G H T I N G! 

and this credit goes to the little kiddo; thanksforyoursupport~ irfan ;D

tak bole kecik lagi ehh? geezz ;P